CapSun Evia

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, sell your property, looking for an holidays rental  or explore investment opportunities, Cap Sun Evia Real Estate Service is committed to delivering personalized and comprehensive solutions

Why we are different from other agencies?

Here is how we sell your property:

Selling: 3D Scan

An agent will come and take photos in a professional way as well as a 3D scan in order to make a virtual visit.

What is the benefit of 3D scanning?

1. Cap’sun Rent and Sale is the 1st agency to propose and innovate the realization of the virtual visit on Euboea in Greece.

2. The 3D virtual tour is much more realistic than a simple 360° tour. Thanks to this technology, the user can move around in any room of a virtual space in a fluid and faithful way to reality.

3. Time saving, the buyer can view many properties without having to leave his home.

4. The virtual tour eliminates any geographical barrier. The French-speaking Cap’Sun agency will more easily offer and exhibit the virtual tour with all collaborations outside Greece!

5. Virtual tours generate much more visibility on your properties for sale.

6. The virtual tours of the properties are found in public visibility on the internet, which increases the chances of selling your property by 10%.

Administrative Support:

The Cap’Sun Rent and Sale agency accompanies you throughout the process and personally takes care of obtaining all the necessary documents in order to be able to buy your property in Greece.

First of all you need some administrative documents such as:

– an AFM number

– a European or Residential card

– the opening of a Greek bank account

In order to relieve you in these steps, with power of attorney on your part, Cap’Sun will take care of doing it for you. (*Included in agency fees)

Namely generally to secure your purchase of real estate, the Greek state recommends surrounding yourself with professionals in the field, i.e. a lawyer, a translator, an accountant etc.

We will therefore limit your costs by this included service.

– the lawyer, the real estate agent is responsible for constituting but above all for checking all the documents according to Greek legislation.

– the accountant, we have our own accountant for the request of all the necessary documents you need.

– the translator, during the purchase procedure or even the presence at the notary, the Cap’Sun agency being French-speaking and Greek of origin, we will provide you with all the documents in Greek / French or Greek / English.


For investors, who wish to apply for the GOLDEN VISA , we can also take care of it as well as the application for your resident card for you and your family.

Our Services

Here are our usual services

Here are some of the usual services offered by our agency:

Property Listings: We have a comprehensive database of available properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We provide detailed listings with relevant information such as location, size, features, and price.

Buyer Representation: We help buyers navigate the market by understanding their preferences, budget, and requirements. We conduct property searches, arrange viewings, and provide guidance throughout the buying process, including negotiations and offer submissions.

Seller Representation: We assist sellers in marketing their properties effectively. We conduct property valuations , create compelling listings, and promote properties through various marketing channels. We also handle inquiries, organize viewings, and negotiate with potential buyers.

Rental and Property Management: We offer rental and property management services. We assist property owners in finding suitable tenants, handling lease agreements, collecting rent, and managing maintenance and repairs.

Holidays Rentals:

We offer a wide selection of properties, including villas, apartments and beach houses, with detailed listings containing information about amenities, location, availability and pricing.

We facilitates the booking and reservation process for vacation rentals. We assist clients in finding suitable accommodations based on their preferences, desired location, budget, and travel dates. We manage the reservation process, handle inquiries, and coordinate booking confirmations.

Of course we offer Property Management.

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